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Thank you project Mie was launched as a project that aims to circulate the city through recycling activities.

By supporting commercial activities such as restaurants, study schools, beauty salons, private shops, or companies that are working on SDGs in cooperation with activities such as school support and disaster prevention stockpiling by eco-stations, the global environment, We aim to improve disaster prevention, town planning, and education.

Companies and sole proprietors can issue coupons that can be used by the general public at each facility, store, etc. by bringing recycled resources to the eco station when they participate in the city planning supporter company. Become.

General users of Eco Station can use coupons that can be used by community development supporters, such as free or half price.



Due to growing awareness of global environmental issues, the activities of eco-station users have made it possible to protect the forests of 6.5 Tokyo Domes annually simply by recycling newspapers and magazines.


Disaster prevention

Revenue after deducting the cost of recycling activities is returned to general users as points. In addition, we are working on community development in case of emergency by partially returning it as a local disaster prevention stockpile.



Through the recycling activities of community development supporter companies, it will be possible to issue discount coupons that can be used by community development supporter companies to general users, which will contribute to the revitalization of shops, companies, and the region.


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