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We, Kankyou Shikou Co., Ltd., are a company that is committed to working together with the local community to reach for the hopes and dreams for the future.

Company Profile

Company Name

Kankyou Shikou Co., Ltd.

Representative Director

Koji Okawa

Head Office

3F Apica Bldg, 4-10 Suwasakae machi, Yokkaichi City, Mie

TEL: +81-59-337-8377
FAX: +81-59-337-8378

Sales Office in Yamagata

5-7-2-2 Narisawa nishi, Yamagata (inside the Eco Station in Narisawa)

TEL: +81-23-674-6661
FAX: +81-23-674-6662

Establishment of business OR corporation

​ February 2006

Business Description

Proposal for the Future

We are in the business of planning and proposing community businesses, based mainly on the recycling service, to other companies as part of our consultations.       Our company offers a business based on a unique point system by redeeming and granting our original environmental points on our custom cards.

For Companies - What We Can Do

The main idea of our company is to create a town in which the local community and companies can work together and cooperate. The company will issue recycling points exclusively for each company, issue coupons for effective use of the recycling points, and also promote advertisements of each company at the Eco Stations, taking into account the inevitability of image improvement and added value of the companies.

For the Future of Our Children

The Eco-Station enables individuals to collect their waste materials. With the use of collection points from waste products, points can be redeemed to local elementary schools, and these points will then be donated.

The Eco Station Project

By providing consultancy services in the development, planning, and operation of environmentally friendly eco-stations, we have succeeded in reducing the cost of collecting recycling materials, operate recycling facilities without any staff, and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which had been difficult in the past.

The Environmental “KIZUNA” Point

We offer a variety of point systems that will assist in creating networks between local communities and businesses.

・Issue coupons for shopping
・Issue points for disaster prevention
・Issue points from collection of  waste materials
・Issue points for / from commercial advertisements

Saving the earth by making small actions

By offsetting carbon for the fuel
consumed by the vehicles used for
recycling, a part of the points will be
funded for forest conservation
activities . To be well prepared for
natural disasters caused by the
recent climate change as well as
the Tonankai earthquake, we will
use funds set aside as "disaster
prevention savings" for the
purchase of disaster prevention
supplies as disaster relief funds.


We, Kankyou Shikou Co., Ltd. aims to provide a sustainable ecological recycling business that is always open to anyone and "fun" to participate in at any time. We have consistently been working on for a better environment by considering what we can do ,and what we should do for all the people, including the local communities and businesses.


In this period of drastic environmental changes, we, Kankyou Shikou Co., Ltd. cannot have been helped but wonder how the small actions by each of us can have a big impact on the global environment in the future, and how we can give hope to the next generation of children for a brighter future. On considering these points, we have invented the Eco Station, a system that enables us to practically "see" our recycling activities.

The mission of Kankyou Shikou Co., Ltd. is to contribute to the

development of local communities where people can lead joyful and fulfilling lives with smiles, to build sustainable systems that are environmentally friendly and resistant to disasters, and to serve as a local community business that connects and revitalizes people and communities.

For a better future, we will continue to strive to be an enterprise that not only recycles materials, but also seeks to revitalize the local community by building up the wisdom to create new businesses and keep moving forward with hope.

Representative Director

Koji Okawa

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