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​Usage flow (general)

You can earn points by bringing recycled resources and weighing them.

At the same time, part of the proceeds, excluding recycling costs, will be donated to related organizations as disaster prevention savings.


You can exchange the accumulated points for advantageous coupons that can be used at companies and shops that are working on SDGs.


​Coupon type

Premium coupon

You can use 150 points to get a coupon worth 300 points.

Free coupon

You can use the coupon for free without using points, but the number of coupons is limited.

Exchange ticket

You can continue to use the exchange tickets that have been used in the past.


​Flow of use (sponsored stores)

If the sponsor store brings the recycled resources to the eco station, it will be possible to issue coupons that can be used by the sponsor store, and the recycling activities will lead to attracting customers.


Eco station

You can bring used paper such as newspapers and magazines, aluminum cans, and cardboard.

* Items may differ depending on the store.

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