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Eco Station x Town Power

Let's start together with what we can do because it is an eco station

The SDGs have 17 goals to change the world. We will work toward this goal with the goal of 2030.

Let's connect with future generations together with the aim of realizing a sustainable society.


We will work toward the goal of 2030

​SDGs town development with supporting stores


​Supporting stores that carry out disaster prevention stockpiling every 50m radius

Our company's corporate philosophy is to improve the efficiency of resource circulation as much as possible and prevent the depletion of resources through recycling, and we have been involved in the recycling business for 20 years.


And nowadays, needless to say, in addition to various problems such as global warming, the impacts of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) are bringing tremendous difficulties to our lives.


Today's natural environment, social issues, and local issues are now expanding into global issues, and they are the byproduct of the competitive principles that we humans have created.


Fortunately, however, we have come to know about the SDGs.


The SDGs shows how we, as individuals, can share a common understanding of the variety of problems in the world. And regardless of language, the SDGs indicate how we can work together to solve them.



We would like to propose and promote the concept of “a sustainable community development” while practicing SDGs on various issues; such as poverty, prevention and reduction of disaster, loss of waste materials, environmental pollution, gender equality, and so on, by connecting with people living in this society through recycling resources.


“ARIGATOU Project” is a new approach to make a sustainable community development, using points redeemed from the use of Eco-stations.


The points from the Eco Station can be used as premium coupons at each of the participating stores or shops supporting the "ARIGATOU Project" for promoting sustainable community development.

Sustainable town development connected by eco-station coupons



Think for yourself and come up with an answer

Japan ranks 121st out of 153 countries in the Gender Gap Index, and it is necessary to learn about gender-related diversity in school education from childhood.

Usage example

Donation coupons for school event expenses, donation coupons for lecture expenses, etc.


Hospital / pharmacy

A healthy city starts with everyone's health

If your body is healthy, your mind will be healthy. If your mind and body are healthy, you will be able to be attentive to the people around you and feel a sense of contribution. Mental and physical health leads to the health of the city.

Usage example

Discount coupons for hygiene products, disaster prevention products, etc.



A disaster prevention base in everyone's city that helps people live

Since most of the daily necessities are available, from groceries to household goods, it can be a disaster prevention base in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake or typhoon.

Usage example

Selling fair trade products


Convenience store

Always feel free to feel at ease anywhere

Lunch boxes and bread must be disposed of when the expiration date expires, and the amount of waste is said to be over 6 million tons per year. You can save a lot of food loss by using coupons for products that are about to expire.

Usage example

Lunch box discount coupon after 5 pm

Coffee discount coupon etc.


​Hairdressing and cosmetology

Clean yourself, clean the city and the sea

​It was found that the energy consumption of shampoo and the outflow of solvent to the sea also have a large environmental load. You can contribute to the global environment with a little consciousness and protect the richness of the sea.

Usage example

Weekday discount coupon

Eco solvent discount coupon etc.

Initiatives of SDGs


​As an initiative for SDGs, 20 yen will be donated to UNICEF for each premium coupon used.

​June 11, 2022 SDGs presentation at Nanzan University

​Messe Nagoya 2021


Messe Nagoya 2021 →

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